Sunday, 21 June 2015

Star Designer #4: Kasia Krzyminska

Dear All! 

Welcome to the Mixed Media World! If you decided to go ahead and read this post you've made a brilliant decision! We have a very special guest here today and judging by my excessive use of  exclamation marks I think it is quite clear that I am very excited about this too!:)  

I'd like to welcome Kasia Krzyminska to our arty crafty world where we share heaps of mixed media goodness and encourage you to join the fun. Hands up who doesn't know who Kasia is?!... no one?... Good! ...ok, maybe you newbie over pay attention :) Kasia is one of the best out there. A very talented and a sweet soul who shares her love for anything mixed media and painty... she is a former design team member and an educator for Prima (which speak for itself, I think..), runs workshops, designs stencils, her art journaling is amazing and she now shares her wisdom and experience working for our lovely new sponsor the Artist Trading Post. I have been admiring Kasia's work for some time now and there is so much more you and I can learn so take notes ;) But enough from me, lets allow this talented lady do the talking via our special little interview and her art she made for our current challenge 'Masculine/Father's Day'...


Hello everybody! My name is Kasia Krzyminska and I am a polish girl who moved to England following her heart. You can't pigeon hole me because of my explorative nature, but I'm enjoying my creative journey creating art journals and mixed-media collages, teaching classes all over the world, designing products and working at Artist Trading Post. I worked with Prima Marketing (as a design team member and later as an educator), Blue Fern Studios, Faber-Castell, 7 Dots Studio, The Scrapbook Diaries, Mixed Media Place and my works have been published many times in such magazines as Somerset Memories, Art Journaling, Somerset Life, Somerset Apprentice, Paper Haus, Die Scrapperin, Histoires De Pages. I’m searching for an inspiration everywhere and everyday – in music, nature, old books, bad weather, dreams … I love summer, meadows and beautiful notebooks. 

What inspires you most to create? / Where does your inspiration come from?

Nature and the place where I currently live.

What is your favourite medium to work with?

Acrylic paints.

Do you have a tool which you couldn't live without?

What's your craft space like?

Do you have a favourite colour combo?

I would like to share with you two of my recent art journal pages made in A5 Monograph booklet. I really enjoy creating art journal spreads everyday, so mostly they are messy and you won't find there many advanced techniques, but at the same time they are very personal and help me to express myself. 

Thank you Ingrid and whole team for this beautiful opportunity to share my works in this fabulous place. I'm very happy to see how your Mixed Media World is growing and that Artist Trading Post can be a part of it. I will definitely follow your challenges as the works you are all sharing are simply beautiful. 



How wonderful is she? Now, brace yourself! Like I said... Kasia made a couple of journal page spreads and they are totally AMAZING!! I just want to take it out of the journal and plaster my walls with her art! Check it out... 




Kasia also kindly listed all the goodies she used to create her masterpieces. The good news is you can easily purchase them from the Artist Trading Post shop and you can have a go yourself! I will for sure... my list is forever growing so nothing is going to stop me! :) Heheee... 

I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Kasia for all her dedication and hard work. It has been an absolute pleasure and hope you keep in touch! ;) 

Thank you to all of you out there who read our posts and leave comments! You are amazing! 

Have a great day! 

Ingrid xxx 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

MMW#4: Masculine/Father's Day

Hi there! 

I must warn you right from the start,. there is way too much crafty goodness and excitement in this post and it is most likely going to disrupt your chilled out Sunday ;) Let's get to it... 

Firstly, a big welcome to our beautiful new followers! I'm so glad you decided to join us here and hope you will enjoy our posts and feel inspired for our fun challenges.

Talking about our challenges, it is time to announce a winner and our Fab 3 of our last challenge 'Vintage'. We had so many amazing entries, you guys make it sooooo hard to pick! But we've done our homework and visited your fab blogs to check out your gorgeous makes. I simply had to pin on our PINTEREST a few to show you the serious contenders and the ones that were considered as our choices. We can only have one winner though and the awesomely talented person is...........

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me to ingridscraftscorner @ hotmail. co. uk (minus the spaces, of course) to claim your prize! Also, please let me know if you would like to be our Guestt Designer for our next challenge ;) 

We also have our Fab 3 and in no particular order these are.................

Equally HUGE CONGRATS!!! Please feel free to grab the relevant badges from our side bar, you so deserve them! 

I have a special announcement today. Our last winner Yulianna agreed to Guest Design for us this month. She made a fantastic mixed media creation, it's going to knock your socks off!

What more... you may have noticed that we have a really special team here at MMW. Not only that we are all friends brought together for the love of Mixed Media, but also each and one of us has a little bit different style. Our got very excited when I saw Yulianna's work and fell in love with her textured and unique style. I could no longer resist and asked her to become a permanent member of our team and she said YES!!! Yay! Welcome to our world, Yulianna! We're all excited that you are going to share your talent with us! I'm going to have a little surprise for you at the end of this post so read on...

This month's challenge theme is chosen by my dear Inky, I mean, Donna :) (Her blog is called Inky & Quirky so I nick named her 'Inky' after she renamed her blog and it reminded me of my name. Ingrid in short is Inka, as my Mum and close friends call me. So there is a little internal joke,.. Inka and Inky, hehee.. :)) aaanyway... the challenge perfect for this month is... 

Masculine/Father's Day

....and we look forward to seeing your gorgeous makes again! I can't wait to see what you come up with. My fabulous teamies did an amazing job once again lined up some gorgeous inspiration for you. Check them out...

Yulianna (GD)

Ingrid  (Father's Day card)

Laine & Mo - a bit of a sad news here... our two lovely ladies have not been well lately so can't join us... we're sending them both big healing hugs and hope they are back in action soon! Lots of love! x
I hope you enjoyed our line up and your creative buds have been tickled. If you join our challenge and win you could win a whopping £20 voucher from our wonderful new sponsor...

How cool is that?! So go ahead and have fun, check our rules and don't forget to link up your make below. 

I promised you a little treat so here it comes... a special Youtube video prepared by Yulianna showing you how she made her fantastic notepad...

That's it for today. I hope you can visit and join my teamie's blogs too. They love to hear from you, including me, so feel free to share your thoughts or say hi! Big hugs to you all, 

Ingrid & DT xxx

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Star Designer #3: Marta Lapkowska

Hi there!

Another week's passed and we're getting close to the finishing line with our challenge 'Vintage'. 3 more days to play so join in! I'm here to welcome another fabulous Star Designer though and I know how excited you get so lets get to it ;)

We had Seth Apter and Marjie Kemper last month. I very much enjoyed Seth's gorgeous vintage art and Marjie's colourful journaling. As you know, mixed media art comes in many forms and styles and today I'd like to introduce....

...who designs for FinnabairLindy's Stamp GangMy Creative Scrapbook, is currently a Video Educator for Blue Fern Studios and in my opinion is perfect for the job, because her shabby chic style is out of this world and the way this girl creates texture and combines them with colour is awesome! So if you like this style Marta has a lot to offer and you can learn a lot from her. I have been Marta's YouTube follower for some time now and absolutely adore watching her work and create her masterpieces. I don't scrapbook, but every time I watch Marta creating one of her layouts I feel like getting my supplies out and play! 

Today's post is packed with creative goodness so read on....!

We have a little treat for you! Georgie worked hard and put together a few questions (Thank you, Sweetness!) and Marta kindly answered them specially for you! That's right! An exclusive interview just for you so you can find out a little bit more about Marta. Here it goes....

What inspires you most to create? / Where does your inspiration come from?- will it sound boring if I say EVERYTHING? Well... but this is true. I find inspiration in everyday life, in the music that I hear, in the art of my fellow crafters...
Pinterest... new craft products...colour combos... in challenging myself by creating out of my comfort zone... even my 7 years old daughter inspires me with her ideas!... inspiration is everywhere... I often use my phone to catch my inspiration on the photograph

Do you pre plan your pieces, or are they often the result of just 'going with the flow'?- somehow I always have a vision. There is this picture in my head just for split second...and then it's gone... a picture of finished make. It looks like I know where I am going while creating but that necessary does't mean my finished work will remind of my vision.

What is your favourite medium to work with?- sprays for sure... variety of Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays is allowing me to make some spectacular colour combos... working with liquid can create unexpected results and this is what I love the most

Do you have a tool which you couldn't live without?- I don't have a craft tool like that but... I see my phone as my most important tool, does it count? :)
- I treat it as my visual diary

What's your craft space like?- white everywhere, with huge table... lots storage... great big window... it's my heaven, my hideout! ... And it's always messy, but it's controlled mess. I feel that my craft space must be calm and relaxing... being in opposition to my very busy head full of colours and ideas!

Do you have a favourite colour combo?- probably rusted teal or anything with black ;)

What is your favourite creation to date?- ooooh so hard to pick only one! Let’s say a series of my mini mixed media canvases

​If you wish to see how I created some of those canvases please be sure to check out my YouTube channel here :) You will find many mixed media video tutorials.

But... those who know me can tell that my biggest love is art journaling.​ Freedom of creating in journals... oooohh this is what I like, no limits, no restrictions, no rules... page after page.

For this occasion, to say thank you for having me here I made a journal page. You can see my mixed media background using sprays.

I also created a full VIDEO tutorial for you guys.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Love, Marta xx

Did I say this post was awesome?! :) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

I'd like to thank Marta for being a star joining us here today and for creating a special piece for our blog! I do hope you can keep in touch ;) THANK YOU! x

I'd also like to thank you, dear crafty soul out there! I hope you are feeling inspired and can join us for our next challenge which start next Sunday!! Whooohoooo! Can't wait! 

Have a great day! Hugs, 

Ingrid xxx