Sunday, 19 July 2015

Star Designer - Riikka Kovasin!!

Dear All! 

Welcome to the Mixed Media World! We have an amazing Star Designer for you today, her work is admired the world over and we are so delighted that she could be here with us, so that she can share some arty secrets with you, but also share her incredible work.

I'd like to welcome Riikka Kovasin of Paperiliitin to Mixed Media World.

Riikka's work is truly inspiring, ranging from scrapbook layouts, altered art, ATC's, canvases, the list goes on, her talent is seriously impressive! This is also shown by the teams she currently designs for:

  • Craft Stamper Magazine
  • Mixed Media Place
  • 7 Dots Studio
  • Cinnabar Creative Team
  • ScrapFX
  • Artists Live
  • Prima Marketing


Here we have arranged an interview with Riikka:

What inspires you most to create? / Where does your inspiration come from?

Everything around me can inspire. There’s not just one source but usually many.

The most common sources are photos and memories I want to preserve, the products I’m using or something new I’ve just acquired. But it really can be anything! A texture I saw, a color combo or a new technique.

Inspiration is something that intrigues me and I’ve started to write a series of post connected to that. They are found here.

Do you pre plan your pieces, or are they often the result of just 'going with the flow'?

Most of the times they are results of the flow. Of course if I’m doing a piece for a sketch challenge I try to plan a little ahead and follow the sketch. And the dimensional pieces often have an idea behind them, like a sketch in my head but usually the pieces still evolve as I craft.

What is your favourite medium to work with?

There are many mediums I’m drawn to. One of those is mists, other one paint media like gesso and acrylic paint. I often have “phases” when I use a medium in almost all my pieces and then it gets substituted by another. But if I’d have to pick one, I would probably go with the gel medium or the 3D Gel as none of my dimensional piece would have been made without it. The other one that I adore is the humble, simple pencil.

Do you have a tool which you couldn't live without?

I’m an impatient crafter so I would have to say my heat tool. Drying things overnight is really a challenge for me as I would love to continue right away! The other musts are scissors, double sided tape and paper cutter. I would be lost without the last one – it’s so fast to cut pieces of patterned paper with a paper cutter!

What's your craft space like?

My craft space is actually our living room. Or a corner of it although I must say that I’m overtaking a bigger and bigger area. It started as one bureau and now I have bureau, selves and a trolley. This post is a year old, but if you wish to see my space here’s a link.

There’s a huge window in our living room and I usually make my pages and crafts on top of the Expedit shelf placed just under the window. I do most of my crafts standing as I walk about getting stuff along the way. And I hold my heat tool in the bath room – it’s a kind of relic from the time when the kids were small and I didn’t want to wake them with the noise from the tool.

The videos and the Ustream shows I make using our living room table on the other hand as it’s bigger than the top of the Expedit shelf.

Do you have a favourite colour combo?

I love blues, teals and minty greens together! That’s my favorite go-to scheme. But I also enjoy pink with yellow. I often like to use a touch of white and black in my crafts to really make other colors pop.

What is your favourite creation to date? (please provide a pic)

That’s really a hard one! There’s many crafts I like and usually my favorite gets substituted with the next project I do. I guess my three favorites at the moment are a layout done for Prima DT Call “XOXO”, an altered guitar done for Finnabair Creative Team and a spring canvas done for Mixed Media Place.
I usually list my favorites of that year in the turn of the new year. If you want to see my 2014 favorites here’s a link to the post with my top 12 projects ( The post also holds links to my favorite cards and layouts of 2014.


Isn't it amazing to have an amazing sneak peek into Riikka's world?!! To learn how she creates, what inspires her and how she generally lives her arty life... Speaking of arty art, here are a few favourite  pieces that Riikka has shared with us:


I'd like to say a massive thank you to the lovely Riikka for being our Star Designer today, and I'm sure everyone will agree, it's been an absolute delight having you here! We feel very honoured!!

Thank you to all of you out there who read our posts and leave comments supporting us! You are amazing! Don't forget our current challenge STENCILS is still underway, which is being sponsored by That's Crafty, don't miss your chance to win! :)

Have a fabulous arty day,
Georgie xx


  1. Thank you so much for having me here! I'm honored and delighted! <3

    1. Thank you for joining us here, Riikka! Your work is a wonderful inspiration to all and it is an honour to have you here with us today! All the best! Ingrid x

  2. Love your works Riikka!!! You are amazingly talented!! xx Zoey

  3. So fun to read this Riikka. Congrats! Your work is always and inspiration to me. So fun seeing your work here. Thanks bunches for sharing. j.

  4. Riikki isn't a beautiful person and fabulous Artist. Well done, my friend, well done.

  5. encore une grande artiste que je connais ;-)

  6. You are a superstar Riikka! beautiful pieces of art!

  7. These projects are incredible!

  8. Wonderful to meet you Riikka and learn about you! Your pieces are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing! hugs

  9. It is so nice to know more about you, where and how you create. Fascinating work!

  10. You are such a wonderful artist Riikka, I have admired you for years. You inspire me so much and I truly loved reading about your process and also how you work. Thank you for so many inspirations they are like a wonderful gift every time you share something ♥

  11. Riikka's work has always amazed and inspired me. I love her choice of colors, creation of layers, and ability to work in so many different mediums! So glad to learn more about her here.

  12. Thank you Linn and Seth so much <3 I feel in awe with your words :")


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