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Star Designer: TRISH LATIMER


Welcome back! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying your weekend to the full! If you're looking for some inspiration look no further!

We have a pleasure to welcome Trish Latimer as our Star Designer! We're very excited that you could join us here at Mixed Media World for the day! 

Trish is a wonderful lady that enriches our lives with her creativity. Her art always leaves you with the 'how'd she do that...' feeling. The good news is she shares her processes in her blog posts at Ink, Paint, Beads and you can purchase her very own DVD 'Create with Paint'. I would like to invite you to visit her blog and explore. You can really learn a lot from this lady. 
Trish recently became the Editor for the Craft Stamper magazine and, in my opinion, there's no better person for the job! Congratulations, Trish! 

Fancy a little insight into Trish's creative world? We have an exclusive interview so enjoy... !;)

What inspires you most to create? / Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from all around me, something I think most artists will tell you! Colour combos in nature, shapes and designs from pictures, home furnishings etc. Weirdly, I get most of my ideas in that tiny little ‘window’ just before I go to sleep! Once my brain starts drifting off, I find project ideas jumping out all over the place. Luckily I can usually remember them once I wake up the next morning!

Do you pre plan your pieces, or are they often the result of just 'going with the flow'?
I always have a plan. 99.9% of the time the end result looks NOTHING like the original plan… but I always start with one! Sometimes a colour takes over, sometimes a figure almost ‘tells’ me the words I need to add, sometimes I just drop an ink pad on the background and have to have a rethink!

What is your favourite medium to work with?

Paint. Always paint. You can create the exact shade you want, you can layer it, smear it, drip it, stamp with it, everything. Totally addicted to paint! (I need to get a T shirt with that on it, I think!)

Do you have a tool which you couldn't live without?
Hmmmm…. My heat tool gets used every single time I make something, as I always dry my projects between every layer of paint I add, so that is one thing. The other would be my fingers, strangely. I rarely use a paint brush, everything is smeared and blended with my fingers. Same goes for gesso or gel medium, fingertips all the way! (and very messy, but that’s part of the fun!)

What's your craft space like?
My studio is our loft conversion, so whilst the floor space is very large, the sloping eaves on either side make storage a little tricky! The main walls are shelved with all my mounted stamps on them, with LOTS of folders of unmounteds, and baskets full of clear stamps. The light is wonderful though, and you can open the windows and watch the light show from Blackpool Tower at night!

Do you have a favourite colour combo?
I don’t really have one! Generally I have phases where I create lots of things in a particular scheme, then move on to another. I love red and baby blue with lots of white, or lime, red and black together. And you can’t beat a good rainbow!

What is your favourite creation to date?
Again, this changes a lot! I have things that I adored when I made them, then I look back and can’t believe I liked them so much! I’m very fickle…..

Here are a few things I love right now!

I LOVE creating Art Dolls, weird and quirky figures created from all kinds of things. This one is definitely weird, but I love the shape!


There has to be something very painty in any kind of ‘favourite list’ from me! This background was done by monoprinting from an acrylic block.


My current obsession is drawing whimsical figures. I like this one because I managed to get the eyes looking good! Sometimes I finish a picture, take a step back and realise I’ve created something that looks like it’s about to kill me!


Another Art Doll! This one is created from wire, with a painted dress and flower. She was featured in a Craft Stamper article a few months ago. I have been writing for Craft Stamper for 6 years now, and have recently become Editor of the magazine. A total dream job, I’m still pinching myself!

A few places where you will find me….

I’m a proud DT member of: A Sprinkle Of Imagination

And, of course, don’t forget the UK's number one magazine for Mixed Media: Craft Stamper!


And there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen! The one and only, oh so talented Trish Latimer! I cannot tell you how much I love her quirky art dolls and painty backgrounds! I don't know about you, but I am soooo inspired to make my own art doll! 

A BIG THANK YOU to Trish for being here with us today! You are a great inspiration to us all and we look forward to seeing more and more of your wonderful art from you! x

Dear, friends, I hope we've re-charged your creative batteries today and hope you will have a go at creating something amazing! Come and show us what you've made by linking your make to our challenge 'Stencils'. You have one more week to join and could win a voucher from our sponsor! 

Thank you for your time! We'll be back with the announcement of our winner, our Fab 3 and a new challenge next Sunday! Until then.... happy crafting!:)


Ingrid & MMW DT 


  1. Wow, lovely to see Trish here, I just adore her quirky style and her use of lovely, bright colours, fab GDT ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Thanks for the great interview Ingrid and for the chance to get to know Trish a bit more up close and personal!!
    Trish love your quirkiness you add to your pieces! So unique! ")

  3. Great interview! Fab to read a bit more about Trish! She is such a great artist!

  4. Always love Trish' work. I hadnt seen your blog before but now I have seen it on Paula W's and Trish's in the space of 2 weeks. glad to have found you :)


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