Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hey there, party people!

It’s time for some fun so get a beverage of your choice and let’s get to it! ;)

I promised you a party, right? Well, this is not the wild party on a Friday or a Saturday night that you might know. This is a super-fun mixed media ATC swap party! Whooohoooo! Excited? Good!

I was once chatting to Riikka after seeing her gorgeous ATCs on Facebook when I simply asked ‘Fancy a swap?’ and she said ‘Yes’… That was easy, I thought! Hehee… And then it hit me… why don’t we do something that’s fun for everyone and that’s exactly what this is about. This swap party is all about connecting with like-minded people, making friends in the blog world and being creative to your heart’s desire!

To make it more fun, Riikka agreed to make 4 ATCs and I agreed to do the same and so we have 8 ATCs in total to give out as a little prize to 8 different participants at the very end of our swap party! I (Ingrid) will announce the winners on our blog here and on our MMW Facebook page.

Riikka created these little beauties…

Now you are excited, huh?! :) And here are the ones made by moi…

Any game has a few rules and points for guidance and ours are as follows:
  • Your ATC must be 2 ½” x 3 ½” (6.4cm x 8.9cm). 
  • Your ATC can be portrait or landscape orientation. 
  • Theme: Anything Goes! 
  • The choice of techniques and media is up to you, but remember we are a Mixed Media focused blog. 
  • Mark the back of your ATC with your name and the date. You can also add your contact details, if you wish. 
  • Write a blog post with pics and a link to our MMW challenge blog post for the swap (button on the side bar). Do remember to mention in your post, if you are interested in swapping at all and also whether you are interested to swap only within your country or worldwide. 
  • Don’t make your ATC to chunky, if you are going to post internationally so it fits a simple envelope and won’t be too pricey to post! Or… go all the way, it’s up to you! 
  • Please don’t include anything else in the envelope, perhaps a note to the lucky recipient. This is to avoid any disappointment (one gets a happy mail, the other doesn’t kinda thing…). This is just a friendly advice though…
  • 8 ATCs will be selected randomly to win 4 ATCs from Riikka & 4 ATCs from Ingrid. Only Mixed Media ATC will be entered into the draw! 
  • Make sure you follow this blog so you don't miss a thing! 
  • Have fun creating your Artist Trading Cards!!! :)

How will the ATC swap work:
  • You will make an ATC (you can make one or more, depending on how many you wish to swap/enter). 
  • Write your post with all the details and links and hop over to our MMW blog. 
  • There is a Linky button on the bottom of the MMW blog post that will be active until 26th October 2015! You have a whole month to enter! Yay! 
  • Enter your name + a word ‘swap’, if you are interested in swapping with someone, under your image when linking up. Don’t forget to mention your intentions in your post too!
  • Once you see an ATC in the Linky Gallery that you like, simply visit the creator’s blog by clicking on the entry, leave them a comment that you are interested in swapping with them. If it is mutual, you can then exchange PRIVATE emails via their blogger profile or their contact form. Don’t forget to join their blogs so that you can stay in touch! 
  • Please note, our talented MMW Design Team may enter their own ATC via the Linky so make sure to keep an eye on their blogs too! Wouldn’t it be awesome to receive an ATC from one of the girls?! This swap party is opened to anyone who wants to swap mixed media ATCs and make friends in the blog world! 
  • Once you have received your swapped ATC make sure to let the other person know (and thank them…). 
  • Feel free to blog about the received ATC and share it on your social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. or your blog or whatever gallery you like to use. If you could add the link to MMW again that would be great so people know where the idea came from and can join the fun too! 
We will be posting a few of our favourites from the linky gallery selection throughout the month on our new MMW Facebook page and on Pinterest so join there and keep an eye out!

Our current challenge 'Anything Goes with Autumn Colours' will still be running too! Join HERE!

We can’t wait to see your Artist Trading Cards entered below and are looking forward to making friends with mixed media artists all over the world! Let’s play! :)

Big warm hugs,

Ingrid xxx & Riikka xxx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

MMW#7: Anything Goes with Autumn Colours

Hello and Happy Sunday!

We're back with a new challenge! I'd like to thank all who joined our last challenge 'Gorgeous Textures' and would like to say that the entries made me super-happy! Your makes were absolutely amazing and it just shows how much talent is out there! You took time and made an effort to create something amazing and we appreciate that you decided to share your creations with us here at Mixed Media World. We love seeing your art so keep it coming! We're bringing more inspiration for you today so hope we spark the curiousity and hunger to create more after seeing our inspirational DT makes...

First things first though! We have a winner of our last challenge and the super-awesome artist behind the fabulousity is...

CONGRATULATION!!! Please email me (Ingrid) to ingridscraftscorner (@) hotmail to claim your prize and confirm if you would be interested in guest designing for us next month!

It was soooo hard to choose (it always is, really.. I'd pick you all if I could!), but we have decided in our FAB 3 and these are....

What a fantastic selection of art! I can't stop admiring it all! Thank you all for sharing it with us here. Please feel free to download the relevant badges from our side bar! You should display them with pride because you really are true mixed media artists!

There were so many gorgeous artworks I will be pinning on our PINTEREST like mad!!!

I promised to show you what our fabulous DT created for Laine's challenge 'ANYTHING GOES with AUTUMN COLOURS' and here's what you've been waiting for....

Did I say I was proud to have these talented chicks in my team? I know, a number of times! But I'll say it a hundred times over, because these makes are just wonderful and I can't wait to see your interpretations of the theme.

Laine made it soooo beautifully simple for you! You can make anything as long as you use mixed media and use autumnal colours. So you don't need to worry if you don't have any leaf stamps or stencils or similar, it doesn't have to be related to the season, but you should use the colours of autumn and have a great fun layering and using various crafty goodies! I can't wait to see your make!

Feel free to use the kinky (I mean the Linky!! Darn you, predictive text!!) below to join the fun! You could win a £15 voucher to the Glitzcraft online store!! What a fab prize! They have gorgeous stencils, glitter pastes and other fantastic goodies so do your best for your chance to win!


Before I say goodbye I will let you onto a little secret... Come and visit our blog on 27th September 2015 and join the party!!! *wink *wink... I can't say too much so keep your peepers on the blogger reader for the exciting post! If you are not a follower yet then hit the 'Join with Google' button so you don't miss a thing!!

Bugs hugs to all, have a fabulous time being creative!

Ingrid & DT xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Star Designer: SUZI BLU

Hello there! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Today, I would like to introduce (not sure she needs it, really... ) and welcome a wonderful mixed media artist Suzi Blu! I am super-excited that she has agreed to join us here for the day and let us into her arty world by answering a few questions and reminding us how  beautifully talented she is... 

I absolutely adore Suzi's art! Full stop. I am a girly girl and love drawing & painting faces myself. I also love grunge and texture and Suzi delivers it all!! There is more to Suzi than her gorgeous and inspiring art though. Her energy and free-spirited personality is rather infectious and I find the realness of her very refreshing. I only know Suzi from her YouTube channel and her book 'Mixed Media Girls' (which is brilliant, if you want to learn how to paint whimsical faces...). I would like to invite you to explore Suzi's arty world and find your inspiration, encouragement or whatever else you might be looking for in life. 

You can find Suzi on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagram and her blog . You could also become one of Suzi's Patrons by visiting Suzi's profile on via which you can gain access to the Suzi Blu Gypsy Boho A Go-Go Show! 

Suzi kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions for us so that you can get to know her a bit more! Check this out...

Where does your inspiration come from? 

I started painting to feel. I remember being 27 years old and sitting on the carpet in my one bedroom apartment, painting and crying. I felt everything when I painted: the anguish of being dumped over the phone so my boyfriend could marry someone else, the poignant and bottomless hole I felt in my gut when I visited my parents, my bleak job at the strip club. For some reason when I put brush to canvas, everything inside of me came flooding out. When I create, I heal. 

Do you pre-plan your pieces, or are they often the result of just 'going with the flow’? 
I used to never plan before I started a new painting, but sometimes now I do. I find that if I choose my palette colors beforehand and have an idea about composition, the end result is more pleasing, but it is still a loose idea. Much of the content of my work is created spontaneously. Too much planning beforehand makes me feel like I am following instructions, even if they are my own. I LOVE the way it feels when I don’t know where I am going and put one mark down, step back, and then decide on the next. 

What is your favorite medium to work with? 
Being a mixed media artist that is truly hard to say. My go-to medium for faces, which is the most important element in my work, is colored pencils. I can create detail and expression with them that I cannot achieve with a brush. But pencils alone do not give the feel of mixed media that I want. Liquid color, whether it be watercolor, ink, or acrylics, has to be included. 

Do you have a tool which you couldn't live without? 
Cosmetic sponges. I use them for sopping up too much liquid, dabbing color onto a stencil, and blending colors on a canvas. Cheap and effective. 

What's your craft space like? 
It is always changing because I am not settled in my own home yet. I have lived with friends the last few years so my studio has consisted of what I can carry around and easily clean up. I find that putting supplies on wheeled carts is the best. I long for a real studio with large windows, however, with enough space so things can be left out. 

What is your favorite creation to date? 
My first Gypsy Warrior painting - I call the style ‘Abstract Bohemian.” I think it incorporates everything that is new about mixed media. A girl is still the subject matter, but the layers are tighter. It also has a touch of the doodling everyone is doing, but in a refined style. My new work is also distressed without looking grungy. I think this has to do with a lot of the healing that has taken place in my life these last three years. The girls I paint still live a complicated life, but they are more optimistic. 

Do you have a favorite colour combo? 
I love anything in the violet family. Bluish purples next to magenta. Cool tones with a patch of warmth.

What a treat! I don't know about you, but I feel very inspired and ready to get creating!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Suzi for all her precious time and simply for being a very precious and inspiring beautiful self and sharing it all with us! I hope you have a wonderful arty journey! We shall look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous art! Big hugs! x

Dear sweet reader, don't forget our 'Gorgeous Textures' challenge is still running and there is still time to link up your fabulousity! Have fun creating and crafting and we will be back with a winner announcement and a new challenge next Sunday! Whooohooo! ;)

Take care!

Ingrid xxx