Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hi! Hope you had a lovely break over Christmas? 

I moved the house and had no internet connection! It was like they cut my right arm off! So it has been an eventful time and it has been decided that we will have a well deserved break in January and our first challenge of the year will start in the send week of February! 

Don't worry though, I will be back with an exciting announcement of our new DT and our winners from the December challenge. Don't forget, who entered last month and followed the rules will be eligible to win a £10 voucher from me! 

Have a fab week and I will be back soon! Sending you heaps of creative energy! 


Ingrid x


  1. Ingrid, I was really worried about you! I hope your new home is lovely! Can't wait for the challenge in February! Hugs!

  2. bon courage ! et une bonne année pour vous et votre famille
    Happy New Year 2016 ;-)

  3. Glad to hear all is well! and yes, isn't it crazy how cut off we feel without our lifeline to the world? See you in Feb! xo

  4. Can't wait for February! Happy New Year!

  5. Good luck for the moving and unpacking of everything Ingrid.. :D
    HAnd appy New New to you and all the ladies here :) Coco xox

  6. Hi there and a Happy New Year! Im a new subbie, all the way from Romania :). Glad i found you and im looking forward to February so i can start joining you in all the fun ;)!

  7. Ugh...moving...ick ! Looking forward to February and seeing whats up your sleeve.


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