Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome to Janka Mampouya!

Hi there!

I hope you are all well?

As promised, I am back with another exciting announcement... we now have three new Design Team members... you had a please of meeting Lena and finding out a little bit about Maria... and today it is another talented lady....

Volám sa Janka Mampouya a mám 40 rokov. Žijem v malom meste Námestovo na severe Slovenska so svojou rodinou - manželom a tromi synmi. 
Aby každý človek mohol dýchať, potrebuje k tomu vzduch. Ja okrem toho potrebujem aj štetec a farby. Som závislá na tvorení, výtvarné umenie ma sprevádza celý život v rôznych formách. Scrapbookingu sa venujem viac ako 9 rokov, v poslednom čase som si zamilovala techniky mixed media, art-jounaling, koláž a assemblage. Svoj rukopis stále hľadám, rada skúšam nové veci, a preto sa svoju umeleckú latku snažím stále posúvať nahor.
V mojom ateliéri je vždy neporiadok, milujem tráviť čas medzi tými všetkými farbami, maskami, pečiatkami a médiami.... Je to pre mňa spôsob sebavyjadrenia, určitá art-terapia, nekonečné skúmanie a objavovanie nepoznaného, ktoré mi pomáha v radostných aj smutných chvíľach. Rada sa učím a tiež učím iných (vediem kreatívne kurzy).
Som veľmi poctená, že som členom MMW a budem sa snažiť pripraviť pre vás zaujímavé inšpirácie.


...and for those who have no idea what she just said... 

My name is Janka Mampouya and I'm 40 years old. I live in a small town called Namestovo, in the North of Slovakia, with my family - my husband and my three sons. 
Every person needs air to their life. Same for me, but I also need a brush and paints! I'm totally addicted to creating and art if all forms has followed me my entire life. 
I have been scrapbooking for more than 9 years now. I recently fell in love with techniques used in mixed media, art journaling, collages and assemblage. I am still on a search of my handwriting, I love trying new techniques and I always set myself new goals when it comes to art. 
My studio is always a mess, I love spending my time there surrounded by paints, stencils, stamps and various media... it is my way of self-expression, art therapy, endless observing and exploring the unknown, in times of happiness or sadness. I love to learn from others and to also teach others (i run workshops). 
I feel very honoured to become a member of the Mixed Media World team and I will do my best to create some interesting inspiration for you all! 


How sweet is this lady? I do hope I translated Janka's bio the way she meant it to sound. Oh, and if you wonder.... Janka is my fellow country woman! 

I was born In Tatras, the highest mountains of Slovakia, hence I speak her language. I grew up in the Czech Republic, am half Hungarian and so languages are not an issue for me. I recently mentioned this and the fact that I have been living in the UK for the past 14 years or so to my colleague... I asked her... 'so, what does that make me...?' She paused and said... 'Not-totally-British'... LOL!!! How funny! It's a bit like that though :)  

So when Janka contacted me saying she'd like to join us I immediately felt a friendship forming. My decision of asking her to join was however based solely on the fact that she is one heck of an artist and I would like to show you what I mean...

See! Told you! :) 

Please give a nice warm welcome to Janka. She will be joining us with our next challenge in February! I will also be announcing the winners so stay tuned! 

Hugs to you all! Stay creative! 

Ingrid xxx 


  1. oh !!!!! super :-)
    je connais Janka Mampouya et j'aime ses œuvres <3

  2. Oh my gosh! I am thrilled beyond measure to see the direction this blog is headed in! What amazing talent - I just can't wait to see the DT samples going forward!!! Biggest congrats to Janka for this awesome position!

  3. What a treat to read about you Janka and to see your GORGEOUS creations. GREAT addition! j

  4. Oh, wow! Welcome Janka! You are going to be such an asset to Ingrid's challenge blog, and I can't wait to see what you will be creating! This is going to be quite a team moving ahead! Already great to start, but with additional icing on the cake! Hugs!

  5. Welcome Janka!
    Such beautiful art you have shared and i am looking forward to seeing more! xo

  6. Welcome to Janka, her work and the samples here are fabulous!!! :) x

  7. She is amazing . I love her work

  8. Welcome Janka. You art is amazing and im so happy to be in the same DT team.


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