Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tutorial by Janka: Sophocles

Hello and welcome to all mixed media enthusiasts!

I hope you love nature, because today I'm going to create using a natural substrate. I chose to work with a tree bark. At the beginning, I didn't have any idea of what the result should be, but I got the idea from a little cast I made not so long ago and I went for it! The overall idea for my project is the famous quote by Sophocles: 

"He who throws away a friend is as bad as he throws away his life."
To recreate this, you'll need: 

tree bark
cast or resin
white gesso
black gesso
white crackle paste
soft matte gel
sprays to add colour
alcohol inks
mica flakes
metal embellishments
How to:

1. Use a mould to create a relic and cover in white gesso

2. Add black gesso to the inner part of the tree bark and allow to dry

3. Add white crackle paste using a spatula and allow to dry naturally (ideally over night). You will end up with gorgeous crackle. Wherever you added a thinner layer you'll end up with smaller cracks and the areas with more of the paste will have bigger and deeper cracks.

4. Use a spatula or a brush to add soft matte gel here and there and sprinkle these areas with beads and mica

5. One everything is dry, use the white gesso to highlight raised areas of the added elements. Make sure that everything is dry before adding a bit colour using sprays. I used a yellow spray by Studio Calico and an alcohol ink Adirondack, Rusty.

6. Add a more vibrant colour, in my case Adirondack, Aqua, add a rub-on to the right hand side bottom and glue metal embellishments. I altered the metal plate using alcohol inks. These are great for altering metals.

7. Adhere the relic with the wire using a strong glue.

More photos: 

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial! Have fun exploring the mixed media world! There are 10 more days to join our challenge 'Glam Grunge' so join the fun! 

We also have a new FB Group that you can join HERE

Take care! 

Janka xxx 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Guest Designer: Virág Réti


How's your weekend going? I hope you're not thinking about work just yet... now I said the word you probably do.... but there is plenty more fun to be had. In fact, a few of us have been having fun within our new Facebook Group. Come and join the fun!

Today, we have a very talented lady joining us as a Guest Designer. She wowed us with her beautiful work when she won one of our challenges and she is here today to share some more inspiration for our current challenge 'Glam Grunge'.

I'd like to introduce...

My name is Virág Réti and I live in Budapest, Hungary. Virág means flower in Hungarian. I work as a marketing manager on weekdays, but my passion is scrapbooking. This is not just a craft activity for me, it is my real holiday and time for relaxation. My scraproom is a calm island in this busy world. I started scrapbooking 5 years ago, but last year when I met with mixed media scrapbooking techniques in an American YouTube video I felt that I found my line, the technique what I was looking for. My style is a little vintage and grunge, sometimes romantic and shabby, but I cannot define exactly. I am able to reform day by day. My favourite products are chipboards, flakes, beautiful papers, paints, mists, nowdays flowers, tags. I am able to prepare layouts in different styles, it depends on my mood, the embellishments and the papers I use. I am a coffee lover. I love singing loudly, but my voice is horrible. And I know, I am a bit crazy, because normal is boring for me. :)

The photo that I used was taken in Cinque Terre, Italy during my wedding time and honeymoon. We were walking through the Via Dell' Amore, the Path of the Lovers and our photographer took a lot of pics there. This is one of them. 

I wanted to keep this memory in my scrapbook album. I really love grunge style so I built up the composition on a messy background which was made with tag leftovers, different kind of stencils, stamps and mists. For decoration I used paper scraps, gauze, handmade flowers, stickers, mica flakes and coloured grit.

Wow! Absolutely stunning! And a perfect example of how to mix up grunge with pretty and create Glam Grunge. Lovely! 

Thank you for joining us here today, Virag! Or shall I say... köszönöm,Virág! You are one heck of an artist. I hope you join us again soon! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! We'll be back soon with some more mixed media goodness! Until then... stay creative! 


Ingrid xxx

Friday, 20 May 2016

New MMW Group on Facebook

Hi there, beautiful crafty souls! 

We have the most exciting news! 

We have a brand new Facebook Group ***Mixed Media World*** and would like to invite you to join! This is for you! This is your playground where you can share your ideas, art, what you've been working on, your wins or even failings during your artistic explorations... Come and share your creativity with us and make more likeminded friends! 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


Ingrid xxx

Sunday, 8 May 2016

MMW#14: Glam Grunge

Hi everyone! 

We are back, we are back! :) We are back with a revamped blog and so before I go any further - grab the new badge for your blog! It's on the top right of the blog so add it to your blog with a link so you can find us and recognise us easily in the future. Also, click HERE to find out more about our fab team! Thank you for joining us again today! 

We have winners, we have our runners up and also plenty of inspiration to share with you today so take it easy and lap it up! :) 

As usually we had so many gorgeous entries last month and oh my! It was sooo hard to pick. But the team voted for their favourites and the winner is.... 

...and our Fab 3...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have done such a great job... loved seeing how creative you crafty souls get. Please feel free to grab the relevant NEW badges from the side bar and proudly display them on your blog. I hope you can play along with our new challenges in the future! Why not start today?! 
Please could the winner email me - ingridscraftscorner (@) hotmail . co . uk in order to confirm if interested in Guest Designing and to claim their prize. It was Glitzcraft voucher worth £15 that you just won so give me a shout ;) 

Before I go onto the next challenge I have a little bit of a sad news for you. We are saying goodbye to Debs, Donna and Amanda due to work or study commitments. I'd like to say.. you will be greatly missed, because you are both wonderful and very talented and always provided heaps of inspiration to us all! Lots of love to you both! 
Ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to leave a message for them both below. x

As promised, a new challenge is on and it was Maria's turn to chose her theme! We call it 'Glam Grunge'. 
I discovered through my play and absolutely love. You may ask... what is it? 

Glam Grunge = grungy, textured and worn in combination with glitzy, shiny and pretty. The idea is to create a contrast of grungy and beautiful. To find the balance can be tricky, but once you get going you will love it! It's like finding something beautiful in a dark corner. Add some sparkle to your grungy looking background, add brighter colours to your textures, the possibilities are endless and we can't wait to see your interpretation of the theme. 

To inspire you, our team prepared a few stunning samples for you... 

Fantastic work from all! Thank you, Ladies! 

I hope you're feeling inspired even more when I tell you that you could win yourself a £20 voucher from our sponsor.. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend wherever you are and stay creative! 

Lots of love, 

Ingrid xxx