Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tutorial by Janka: Sophocles

Hello and welcome to all mixed media enthusiasts!

I hope you love nature, because today I'm going to create using a natural substrate. I chose to work with a tree bark. At the beginning, I didn't have any idea of what the result should be, but I got the idea from a little cast I made not so long ago and I went for it! The overall idea for my project is the famous quote by Sophocles: 

"He who throws away a friend is as bad as he throws away his life."
To recreate this, you'll need: 

tree bark
cast or resin
white gesso
black gesso
white crackle paste
soft matte gel
sprays to add colour
alcohol inks
mica flakes
metal embellishments
How to:

1. Use a mould to create a relic and cover in white gesso

2. Add black gesso to the inner part of the tree bark and allow to dry

3. Add white crackle paste using a spatula and allow to dry naturally (ideally over night). You will end up with gorgeous crackle. Wherever you added a thinner layer you'll end up with smaller cracks and the areas with more of the paste will have bigger and deeper cracks.

4. Use a spatula or a brush to add soft matte gel here and there and sprinkle these areas with beads and mica

5. One everything is dry, use the white gesso to highlight raised areas of the added elements. Make sure that everything is dry before adding a bit colour using sprays. I used a yellow spray by Studio Calico and an alcohol ink Adirondack, Rusty.

6. Add a more vibrant colour, in my case Adirondack, Aqua, add a rub-on to the right hand side bottom and glue metal embellishments. I altered the metal plate using alcohol inks. These are great for altering metals.

7. Adhere the relic with the wire using a strong glue.

More photos: 

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial! Have fun exploring the mixed media world! There are 10 more days to join our challenge 'Glam Grunge' so join the fun! 

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Take care! 

Janka xxx 


  1. Beautiful texture and gorgeous pops of colour - love that! Will have to find out where our nearest woods are, thanks for the tutorial and beautiful art Karen x

  2. Hi Janka...what a lovely piece of art you created. I love the untraditional background ( the wood ) you used as your base. Also the way you decorated it...wauw .. Not too much....but enough to look fabulous. Love the colors, love the crackles.... .. But I do have a serious question : did you buy a mold for the relic... ?? It looks like the upper part of a mini statue. If you bought a mold can I ask if you would please share where I can find one like the one you used....??? Please ??
    I hope you can help me...
    Thank you for shamring your gorgeous work. It is such a great way to get inspired..
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain
    ( )

  3. Many thanks for this amazing tutorial, your creation is truly an inspiration to me. Hope to see more tutorials.

  4. I love your project! It is awesome! So many beautiful colors & textures!


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