Sunday, 31 July 2016

GD: Irena Stefanova + video tutorial

Hi everyone!

Ingrid here today introducing a wonderfully creative lady! 

Irena Stefanova created a gorgeous inspirational make for our current challenge. She and a few more lovely crafty souls will be here in days to come, because she joined a little conversation/challenge via our FB group. I asked what themes you would like to see coming up. I promised to pick a few themes and the people behind these ideas would have an opportunity to join us as Guest Designers. That's why Irena is here today. And oh my, am I glad she agreed to join us! Irena is a very talented lady and if you're not already in her circle of crafty friends you might like to be as she is a constant source of inspiration. Here is more from her...


I am a loved wife, a mother of 3 children and grandmother of a beautiful girl. I am living with my family in a small town in North-East Bulgaria. I am a very happy woman, because I have the opportunity to do what I'm interested, what I love and what fits my values and my lifestyle. I have a volunteer's soul and I have been involved in some social projects. I love children and I work for the integration of Roma children in my region.

I started crafting about spring of 2014. I started making cards, but very soon after that, I was hooked on mix media. It gives me pure joy and delight. 

Thank you "Mixed Media World" for having me as a Gues Designer! It is a big honour for me!


Irena Stefanova


I have been to Bulgaria once, a long time ago, and it is a lovely place full of friendly people. My then bf arrived to the main train station in Burgas and stayed for a couple of days with a lovely lady who was offering accomodation so we needed to feed ourselves. It was no bead and breakfast, but she was elderly, very sweet and that was her way of making extra cash and it was a brilliant start to our two week adventure. So it was our first day after a long journey, I went to buy some food. I only went a few steps outside the flat to a little kiosk. They sold a few bits of food there so I stopped by. I asked for some bread, fruit and other bits. Then I asked for some butter. There was a choice of three. the gentleman asked.. do you want this one and I'm shaking my head no.. as you would... and he passes it to me.. I'm like, no, not this one. I point to another so he gets that one, I shake my head in agreement and he offers another. At this point, it is almost 40*C outside, I'm not used to this heat and my blood is boiling thinking he is taking the mick. And then it hit me! I read before we arrived that they shake their heads the opposite way to us. We had a good laugh in the end! It took me some time to get used to it, but we had a great time. We had a lovely time by their sea side, we walked all the way from our hotel to a nearby town called Carevo. It took us ages. It was one of the 'great' ideas my then bf had. He woke me up quite early.. on a holiday.. and said .. "I have everything packed, we're off to do a bit of tracking". I didn't care to ask what he packed... we walked for miles and miles and about half way there I ask for some drink. He had one bottled water. I asked for some food.. he had.. not kidding.. one apple!!! I nearly passed out when he told me. So we shared an apple and a bit of drink, we swam in the sea on the way and we finally got there and ate in some restaurant. Carevo was fun, but we had to head back. We got a taxi back. Let me put it this way... I don't know how we survived the ride, but we did and whoever the taxi driver was I hope that he's still alive. Wow! 
My then bf seemed to have a habit of waking me up early during our holiday. This time it was 4am! You ask why.. well, he suddenly sat on my bed as I was sleeping (we had two single beds at the time, just the way the room was) and was wrapped in his white bed sheet. I jumped, almost whacking him... what the hell he was doing scaring me like that! He said there was something 'tickling him on his nose as he was asleep', he then turned the light on and there was a big spider that went behind the wardrobe! LOL! He refused to stay in his bed. I am scared of spiders, but the look on this face.. LOL! I agreed for him to stay with me, we talked and then went to watch the sun rise. It was great. The next day, there was the biggest centipede crawling across the room as I was making a salad... getting it outside from our balcony, us trying to shake the thing off the towel using a broom was like a scene from a grotesque movie. God forbid someone saw us! It was funny though! My then bf didn't find it very funny, screamed like a girl and demanded to leave two days early. Which we did. LOL! It was a great fun though and we had a great experience which I will never forget. :) 

 Our current challenge is very much about seaside and is called 'Under the Sea'. Irena got this just right! Just look at the fab make...

Irena also filmed her creative process and would like to share it with you. Enjoy! 

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you're feeling even more inspired! I'll be back soon! Not only with a new post, but also... we're reaching 400 followers and I promised to have a ***GIVEAWAY*** once we reached 400 so keep an eye out!!!

Big hugs to you all, stay creative!

Ingrid xxx


  1. Ingrid, it was a very funny story - this holiday is really a thing to remember.
    Irena shows a beautiful and very inspirational shade box. I have just watch the video and it was very useful. I am going to make some sea mix media things. Thanks, girls.

  2. Irena, this is stunning. Fantastic use of the foamy packaging. Every day you look at this you will see something new. I love the way you have to 'look in', very clever creation. Ingrid it is very hot here in Bulgaria today, about 44 degrees!!


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