Sunday, 17 July 2016

Video Tutorial by Maria: Under the Sea


Maria Lillepruun is here with you today! For our July challenge - Under the Sea - I made an art journal layout where I played around with lots of various media. I used scrapbooking paper, medical bandage, lace, texture paste, spray inks, alcohol inks, toppings and other decorations to create my mysterious undersea world. Please scroll down for the full video tutorial!

Here's the promised video... enjoy! 

Thank you and hope to see your creations!


Maria x


  1. Amazing creation Maria. It definitely transported me under the sea. Love the texture!! -- Mary Elizabeth

  2. Really enjoyed the tutorial Maria. Watching everything being built up was very educational. Love all the extra bits, shells, balls ect, they all add up to a very textural creation.

  3. Really enjoyed the video on how your creation came to life. I love all of the extra bits and bobs you have added, just fantastic!!

  4. This is a sensory delight, I'm guessing it feels as good as it looks or better. Pure Magic.

  5. THANK YOU LADIES! I am very happy that you enjoyed it!

  6. Just fantastic!!! Incredible and so tactile work!!


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