Sunday, 11 September 2016

MMW#18: Magical/Fantasy

Hi everyone! 

Ingrid here with a new challenge for you! Excited? Great! 

Our new challenge is all about Magic and Fantasy so if you like stories, unicorns and other mythical creatures and mystery this challenge is for you! We have a lot of inspiration for you as well as a prize for the winner of this challenge. the challenge will be sponsored by: 


and you will receive a £15 voucher to their online store and a chance to be our guest designer the following month. Sounds good? Here's some wonderful inspiration from my teamies: 

image to follow

I´ve created a fantasy canvas of myself as Rapunzel or Fiona (from Shrek :), a princess locked in a tower and waiting for my Prince Charming to save me :)))

How awesome are these?! I love what my teamies created. I must admit, I was all loving the theme until I sat down and was holding my head in my hands for a while thinking what on earth was I going to create?! Me and fairies? Nah! But you know what! It is called a challenge and all of our challenges are designed and picked with you in mind. They are fairly open to imagination and the themes are always broadened for you to find your niche. They are also called challenges for a reason, It is to challenge your own ability and make you to explore more and more so that you can learn and practice more. They are also designed to be fun! I really hope that you will have a fun with this one and go wild and dig deep into your imagination. We can't wait to see your makes. There will be a linky below so you can add your creations. 

I have some news for you!!! Yulianna decided to move onto other adventures. Our team therefore needed a boost and I have been keeping my hawk eye on one particular lady and her work always amazes me. Her name is Virág Réti and she is our newest member of Mixed Media World team! Whooohooo! I'm very happy indeed! I will prepare a special post for her so keep an eye out. You can find out more about her wonderful work soon! In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment for her below. 

There's another change to how we are going to announce winners as off today and to make it more special we will dedicate a separate post to this. We always post a new challenge on Sundays, once a month, and we will then announce the winner on Wednesday, so three days later. So don't forget to come back this coming Wednesday to see who whose creation we liked the most. 

Thank you for joining us today and stay creative!


Ingrid xxx 


  1. The linkup isn't showing for me today, but I did complete this challenge and had a whole lot of fun doing so! For now, I'll just put my link here

    Thank you so much for such a fun challenge!

  2. Many thanks for a fun faeries challenge - love them! Great inspirations from the Design Team too Karen x

  3. Fun challenge! I look forward to seeing Virág's work - she's such a cool designer! Great choice!

  4. By the way, it would be helpful if you could write the end date of the challenge in the blog post! The link up says 16 days from now, but that is not a Sunday then, it's Thursday the 6th of October. Thank you!

  5. did i miss mmw#16 and mmw#17 winners....i dont find it anywhere on blog

    1. No Hun, you didn't miss them. our winners used to be announced on the same post the new challenge started. As off now we will be announcing winners in a special separate post. X

  6. Thank you for the challenge. Lovey work by the design team.

  7. Good work and very useful and helpful blog about the mixed media well done and keep it up.
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