Monday, 3 October 2016

Welcome to our new sponsor: Things To Alter

Hi everyone!

I have a pleasure to introduce a new sponsor of our challenges! I'd like to welcome Jac and her company Things To Alter into our Mixed Media World!

Jac has been running the company for about 6 years now and she has become an expert on MDF lazer cutting. You can purchase her fabulous MDF pieces directly from the Things To Alter website (click on the image above) and then share your makes with Jac via her Facebook page. Check out the Pinterest page as well. You will find plenty of inspiration there too! 

I personally had a pleasure of working with sewing themed pieces for a feature in the Craft Stamper magazine. I got to alter the box and created a little Textile Art in a shadow box. That was great fun! All of the MDF pieces we made out of a sturdy and good quality material and to a very high standard which means they are perfect for any mixed media projects. 

Here are a few pictures of the project from me... 

... and some from the magazine feature... 

The Craft Stamper magazine issue is packed with mixed media inspiration. It's out now so get your copy. In case you would like to make your own sewing shadow box, the magazine is also running a giveaway... 

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you had a great time here. More inspiration coming your way soon so stay tuned and stay creative! 

All the best 

Ingrid xxx

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  1. I am looking forward to sponsoring mixed media world. Your work with the sewing theme was amazing, truly stunning, thank you x


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