Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Changes to MMW challenges & DT CALL!

Hi Everyone! 

We have a busy year ahead and would like to start with putting a team of talented mixed media enthusiasts and artist together before we well and truly get cracking with our 2017 challenges. 

We had a different theme each month and had plenty of entries to choose from. The entries are always fantastic and we have such a hard time picking our winner and our FAB 3! Even if we don't get to comment on your entries please know that they are not missed and your art is checked out. I don't insist that my team spends their time commenting on each entry. I encourage it. I think it is lovely to receive a comment, but we are all very busy and not always get to leave comments on a number of entries. So I try not to be too hard on the team, but can promise we will try our best to be in touch! I'd like to thank you for sharing your art with us last year and look forward to seeing more this year! 

CHANGES for 2017

We are making a few changes to the way our challenges are ran. In a good way! We would like to encourage the freedom of expression as this is everything our challenge blog stands for. We would like you to stop worrying about this theme or that theme and if you can do it or not. That's it! NO MORE THEMES! :) 

As off 2017, you can create anything you like for our monthly challenge. Some months, there might be, say, 'Anything Goes with a twist'. A twist could be a mood board or similar to make it more fun. Some twists will be optional so pay attention. However, what we ask is that you come and show us what you created when you were in a mood for some crafty adventure, come and show us your latest alteration or a canvas, a mixed media card or a tag. It doesn't matter! There is nothing worse than not wanting to enter a challenge, because you don't 'feel you can go with the theme' or 'don't have this or that product'. 

The same goes for our team... there are no limits to what the team will create. I'm pretty sure the team can create some serious magic when doing what they love without any limitations. I personally cannot wait and am super-excited to see what this year brings in terms of the shared art! 

What do you think? Do you like the idea? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts or to say hi! It's always lovely to hear from you! 


As the title suggest there are more than the above changes to our blog. There will be changes to the team as well. Our dear Lane had decided to move on and live the life she dreams of. I would like to thank Lane from the bottom of my heart, for being by my side for this long and for being a lovely friend. It's been a heck of a journey! 

Also, Janka has decided to move on as life is getting busy and all. We have seen some amazing inspirational art here from Janka and she will be missed!! 

And of course, to start afresh, we would like to invite some new talent to our team! I wonder who would be interested to join the fun! What we are looking for in a design team member... 

- talent and knack for mixed media art & craft (no matter how long you've been blogging or how many followers you have. Don't worry! If you have what it takes then apply!)
- enthusiasm to create for and represent the MMW challenges 
- someone who regularly shares their art via their blog and social media
- if you share your work via YouTube it is a very welcomed bonus, but not a condition 
- someone who is willing to create 2 projects a month (1x challenge, 1x tutorial)
- someone with a friendly and happy soul 
- someone who has enough time to visit participant's blogs to check out entries and ideally comment
- someone who will be committed for at least 6 months

I think the above are the most important factors. If you feel this is something you would like to take on, please email me with MMW DT CALL in subject line with 3 of your favourite mixed media works and a little bit about yourself to: 

ingridscraftscorner @ hotmail. co. uk (please adjust the email address to its correct format when sending your email. I write it in this way so that I don't get spammed. Thank you!)

I shall look forward to hearing from you in the comments below about your thoughts on the changes for 2017 and also your emails with your DT applications! 

All the best and stay creative! 

Ingrid xxx


  1. I lve the idea of anything goes- sounds like some exciting new things here at Mixed Media World Yay!!

  2. Hi MMW. Just thought I would comment on your idea for a no theme challenge, I totally get what you are saying about having no limitations, my mind works a bit differently tho, I personally like an idea to work from... or else I just sit in my craft room.. (yes I am a lucky girl having a whole room for crafting!!).. and look at my huge supplies but never know where to start from, so I guess I need a starting point. I haven't been doing any challenges for a while now but definitely want to get back into it, but I know if the challenge says "anything goes".. I tend to just not bother, but maybe other people work differently and don't like any restrictions, I will be interested to see other people's opinions on this subject.

    1. Hi Jane!
      I totally get what you mean. Sometimes you want to have a little direction. This is why some of our challenge will give the option to create anything you want, but will also have a little twist. Some will come with a mood board which is optional so you could choose to follow the colour scheme or be inspired by the images themselves. Do you have a favourite style of mixed media or favourite art supplies? Maybe start there, when you get stuck on ideas. Just play! ;) i hope you will have fun regardless and come to join us! X

    2. Awww thank you for that are exactly right...just play!! It is great that you are catering for everyone, I look forward to joining in with your challenges

    3. Oh Jane, I totally understand you! "Anything goes" has always been the most difficult challenge theme for me :)) That´s why I am so very much looking forward to our future "twists" and beautiful mood boards! Hopefully they´ll inspire you too!

  3. Hello, Ingrid and team MMW.
    I really liked the idea of themeless challenges since for this year I proposed total freedom to create .... but, the addition of an option - for example: use a certain material, use a certain color, a word, a Title, etc. - can give a focal point for those who feel more confident having a guideline.
    Regardless of whether or not I have themes, whether or not to have options, I will always be here ... learning, inspiring and participating. Thank you so much that you exist and do me so well!
    Hugs to all.
    Marlei / Brazil

    1. Thank you! I am so glad that you are a part of our little family here too!
      You know what they say! Great minds think alike! This is exactly what we mean by a 'twist'! So there will be plenty of freedom when it comes to creating as well as a dash of direction to spark ideas!
      Glad to have ou on board! Xx

    2. Thank you, Ingrid! It is my happiness to be here with you too!

  4. Great news! Imagination has no limit so the new challenges will let it shine. Perfect!

  5. Ingrid, I love the idea of "anything goes" and having that optional twist will be an excellent starting point for those that need it. I've missed quite a few challenges this year. Because of DT obligations, and my desire to create quality work, my projects didn't always fit into the theme. But sometime I just stuck in in there anyway. Always a pleasure to visit your challenge blog! Hugs and belated New Year wishes for all the best!

  6. Sound like great changes. Is there a closing date for the DT call?

    1. I didn't set an exact closing date... I will probably give it till the end of the month or so and then shout when we have enough applications to choose from. I had a few already and oh my! This is gonna be aooooo hard! X

  7. I like the idea challenges without restrictions and certain topics, but with a jolt in a certain direction)))

  8. Great news! I love the idea of anything goes.

  9. I believe an artist can give him/her best only when there are no boundaries/limits !!! Artistry freedom is the best thing you can give to an artist and I love you are doing that !! Go dear !!

  10. I do prefer a theme because it gets my juices flowing so to speak. I like problem solving, a theme is a problem - in a good way!


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