Sunday, 11 February 2018

GD: Ioulia Deligiannidou (julD)

Hey there! 

We have a very special guest here with us today. It is our December 2017 winner Ioulia who is kindly sharing her wonderful art with us. Read on to find out more about her and her gorgeous GD make... 


Hi mixed media lovers!

I am Ioulia Deligiannidou (julD) from Greece. I live in Thessaloniki, it is a seaside city, the second largest city in Greece. I am so happy to a Guest Designer at Mixed Media World. It is such an honor to be here today. Thank you so much.

I loved painting and crafting from my early years, but instead of becoming an artist I became an engineer who loves to create things in her free time. So,crafting is my hobby. I love to create with whatever I can get my hands on. Mixed media fancinated me because I can compine many techniques and materials. My favourites are clay and texture in paintings.

My project today is a mixed media painting on mdf board.

I like to make fairy tales while I create my projects. I don’t know which comes first in my mind, the painting or the tale.

Once upon a time there was a little fairy. Every night she used to collect stars from the sky. She would catch them with her net. Every morning she gave them to the people. Most of them didn’t understand that the present was a star, so they threw it away. Only a few valued the gift and held it tight so that they did not lose it. They are the ones who shine!

For the background I used modelling paste with stencils, pieces of lace, tissue paper with music notes and cardboard. I painted the background with pigment powders.

The fairy, the heart and the round frame was made of ceramica powder. The stars was made of light clay. I used acrylic colours and goldpasta.

I also used threads, 3d balls, strass and a metal key to complete the composition.

I put a second mdf board behind the first one to make it look like a frame. I added texture with modelling paste and stamps.

I hope you like it.

You can find me


I hope you enjoyed the post. Please don't forget to leave Ioulia some love below and visit her channels to see more of her gorgeous art! 

Thank you for joining us, Ioulia! You created  real masterpiece you should be proud of!

Thank you all for stopping by! See you all in our Facebook Group for the next challenge starting 1st March 2018! 

Best wishes

Ingrid xxx

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Changes to our challenges & #GIVEAWAY

Hi All!

We are back and we have some exciting changes to share with you all!

We promised to be back in February and we are back, but instead of a new challenge, we have a #GIVEAWAY! Yay!!!

Before I tell you how you can enter please spare a moment to read all about our CHANGES in how we will run our challenges so that you are fully aware of what is happening.

After much deliberation, I have decided to run our challenge solely via our Facebook Group ***Mixed Media World*** and step away from the blogging as such. There are a few reasons behind this change and after weighing all pros and cons, I have decided to give this a go. What this means for you...

• You can remain our follower here on the blog as there might be times we might come back to share something with you or invite someone special to guest design etc.
• If you are not already a member of our FB group please join HERE now so you don't miss out. By doing so, you will be able to share your mixed media art with us anytime and/or to enter our monthly challenges there! The challenges will only be run from this platform and no longer from this blog.
• You can post and share as much of your artsy exploration anytime.
• You can find like-minded friends within the group.
• You will receive regular comments on your challenge entries from the team as well as from the group members.
• This means your work will receive the attention it deserves and we will be able to interact with you more efficiently. Hopping from blog to blog leaving comments is a mahooosive job, especially when we have more entries. It simply is not viable and it bothers me that you might not be getting the attention you deserve. As much as we see your art we don’t always get to spend time to leave comments on individual blogs and I want to change this. It will be much easier to ‘like’ and comment on your posts within the group.
• You also have the massive advantage of being able to share your videos and tutorials within the group, which again, gives everyone more options and us an easy access to your channels.
• You will find plenty inspiration within the group.
• You can ask questions and for recommendations from the team and other members and be actively part of a community of likeminded crafters and artists. We are all very supportive and we can interact with you on daily basis.
• Together, we can have fun and be a part of this crazy mixed media world that we love.
• Entering our challenges will be sooo simple for you. Just add your photo to the particular month’s album that will be created at the same time as the challenge is announced. Easy!
• You will be easily notified, if you win.
• The prizes and challenges will be announced on 1st of each month so you can easily follow the challenge pattern. I will specify details within the group. 
• There are a few rules to follow so make sure you read the 'pinned post' or the 'about' section when in the group. Mainly, we can all have fun together so come and join in!

I have listed some of the reasons above already and another reason is to save everyone’s time and energy. We seem to be all over various platforms and unable to give everyone enough attention. I would like to focus and put maximum energy into one platform where we can all have fun and share ideas and support each other in our mixed media explorations. 

This blog started with ‘let’s have some fun’ in mind and want to keep it that way. For everyone. I also feel that with the boom of social media, blogging is not what it used to be. I’m not going to bore you with facts and numbers, but it is clear that nowadays people want easy access and immediate satisfaction. The good thing is, we can still have access to your blog, because you can still include a link to your blog post when posting a photo of your project within the group so whoever wants to find out more about your processes can visit and read more. Maybe you are a hidden gem somewhere within the blog world and we don’t even know!!

So come and join the fun and join the group now so you don’t miss out on winning some goodies from our lovely sponsors. Our next challenge will start on 1st March 2018 so this gives everyone enough time to join and get used to the group a bit. In the meantime, let’s spread some love and have the promised #giveaway!!

The giveaway prize: 

£20 online voucher to That’s Crafty! Shop 

(This giveaway is not sponsored, the voucher will be purchased for the winner by me (Ingrid))

How to enter: 

• leave a comment below and let me know you’re in it to win it! 
• Join the FB Group and comment with a hashtag #giveaway and #mixedmediaworld 

And that’s it! Really easy so good luck to you all! I shall look forward to hearing from you! The giveaway will run until 28th February, 12pm GMT (London, UK time). I will announce the winner after this date within the FB group. Make sure you're in it to win it!

Big hugs,

Ingrid xxx