Sunday, 11 February 2018

GD: Ioulia Deligiannidou (julD)

Hey there! 

We have a very special guest here with us today. It is our December 2017 winner Ioulia who is kindly sharing her wonderful art with us. Read on to find out more about her and her gorgeous GD make... 


Hi mixed media lovers!

I am Ioulia Deligiannidou (julD) from Greece. I live in Thessaloniki, it is a seaside city, the second largest city in Greece. I am so happy to a Guest Designer at Mixed Media World. It is such an honor to be here today. Thank you so much.

I loved painting and crafting from my early years, but instead of becoming an artist I became an engineer who loves to create things in her free time. So,crafting is my hobby. I love to create with whatever I can get my hands on. Mixed media fancinated me because I can compine many techniques and materials. My favourites are clay and texture in paintings.

My project today is a mixed media painting on mdf board.

I like to make fairy tales while I create my projects. I don’t know which comes first in my mind, the painting or the tale.

Once upon a time there was a little fairy. Every night she used to collect stars from the sky. She would catch them with her net. Every morning she gave them to the people. Most of them didn’t understand that the present was a star, so they threw it away. Only a few valued the gift and held it tight so that they did not lose it. They are the ones who shine!

For the background I used modelling paste with stencils, pieces of lace, tissue paper with music notes and cardboard. I painted the background with pigment powders.

The fairy, the heart and the round frame was made of ceramica powder. The stars was made of light clay. I used acrylic colours and goldpasta.

I also used threads, 3d balls, strass and a metal key to complete the composition.

I put a second mdf board behind the first one to make it look like a frame. I added texture with modelling paste and stamps.

I hope you like it.

You can find me


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Thank you for joining us, Ioulia! You created  real masterpiece you should be proud of!

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Best wishes

Ingrid xxx


  1. Beautiful texture!Love those blues with touches of gold.

  2. What a beautiful piece!! I love your fairy- thank you so much for sharing! xx

  3. Wow! ! Love the story and the project you made is just awesome.


  4. Wow!!! Lovely Creation, I specially love textures, colors and this cute fairy..
    thank you so much for sharing this amazing inspiration.

    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla


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