Sunday, 27 May 2018

GD: Elena Gadeva-Stoyanova

Hey everyone! Happy Bank Holiday weekend to our UK friends! 

I hope you are all having fun wherever in the world you are. I appreciate you taking a moment to stop by our little blog. Well, we have a special guest with us today and your time will not be wasted, because Elena (Made for an Angel)prepared not one but TWO gorgeous projects for her GD gig. How amazing! Check it all out...


"I’m really happy to be a guest designer at MMW. Art’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember. First I fell in love with pencil drawings and then got a bit bolder with colours and started experimenting with mixed media. And it became my true passion-on cards, on canvas, mixing up different techniques and colours and materials. Mixed media really allows me to evolve and unleash my imagination."

"The project I’m showing you is really special to me. It’s a double project-two memory albums that I made simultaneously because they had to be given to cousins-boy and a girl that finished school at the same time and did they party together. 

"The girl’s dress was in silver grey and purple, so I chose purple (one of my favourite colours to work with) as the main colour and used some photos of hers that I made black and white beforehand and then printed them for the album."

"I did the same with the boy’s photos and made similar pages, only in indigo blue colour. There are handwritten wishes to both albums that say something like: ‘Never stop dreaming’, ‘Follow your dreams’, ‘Be yourself’,’ Memories to make your days brighter’, ‘Happiness’."

"I used watercolours and homemade alcohol inks for the pages. And some embossing powder for some handwritten words like ‘Memories’ on the front page of the boy’s album. And last but not least I used digital designs for the greeting cards that go along with the album, one of which was drawn on paper before being digitally coloured and that’s my ‘Forest Fairy’ that I use quite often lately. Hope you’ll find my project interesting and inspiring."


WoW! Both of these albums are a real work of art! I loved seeing the photos and I'm totally inspired to make my own photo album using watercolours. Thank you, Elena, for sharing them with us. It was a real treat! <3

I hope you all are feeling inspired to give mixed media a go. It does not have to be complicated. Our May challenge is up and running until the end of this month. Give it a go! You can join HERE

Best wishes, 

Ingrid xxx


  1. Поздравления! :) Всичко, което създаваш е МАГИЯ, Ели! Ефирно и нежно, точно създадено от ангел! Винаги е удоволствие е за мен да разглеждам творбите ти! Продължавай все така!!!

    1. Благодаря ти, Дани! Много щастлива и одухотворена ме правят думите ти:) Радвам се, че се отбиваш при мен:)

  2. They are both equally beautiful! Love, love, love them! Thank you for sharing with us Karen x

  3. These are stunning.... what a beautiful keepsake !


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