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We have a ***Mixed Media World*** Facebook Group where we encourage you to share your work, your ideas, explorations, even mistakes and findings. This is where you can find like-minded friends and interact with the design team. The group is hosted by Ingrid Kristina V and is created to inspire and to spread the love of mixed media art.

Ingrid Kristina V, Maria Lillepruun, Virag Reti, Irena Stefanova, Inna Bronnikova
WHAT TO EXPECT within our Facebook Group:
We encourage you to share your daily exploration into mixed media with us here via our group on the timeline! Let us know about new techniques you've tried, post images of your latest creations or your work in progress, ask questions, add images with a link to your blog post or video tutorials when posting a photo, share your wins and even failings! It's all about learning after all!!
As of 1st March 2018, the monthly challenges will be run solely within the Facebook group ***Mixed Media World*** and no longer be posted on the blog. The main blog will remain live for the meantime and there will be a blog post up on the blog with more details on 1st February 2018 at 7pm GMT. We will also announce our #giveaway so make sure to visit and read all about it.
We will announce a new challenge together with the usual inspiration from the team here within this group on 1st of each month at 7pm GMT (London, UK time). Winners will be announced here at the end of each month and will be notified/tagged. Prize will then have to be claimed within 14 days from the date of the announcement.
Entering our challenges will be easy, but you have to post your projects within the Facebook Group. We will have a new ALBUM in the PHOTOS section created for each challenge so to enter the challenge => select PHOTOS => ALBUM => add photo.
We're here to inspire and be inspired... Join the group and have some fun!
We do have a few 'rules' to help keep this group nice and friendly and I would appreciate, if you could read the following:
 1)            I’m happy for you to insert a link to your blog post or your YouTube tutorials in the description when posting a photo to the timeline. Members of the group can then visit your channels, if they wish.
2)            Please do not share any posts from our closed group onto a public wall.
3)            Please do not post links to other challenges or what you made for this or that challenge. As much as I love to support other challenge blogs, we have our own challenges and promoting other challenges is not our aim.
4)            The same rule goes for business pages, personal pages, shops, products etc… we are not here to promote these. This is a place where we have fun and share mixed media art and run challenges. Shameless self or business promotion will not win you friends and will be deleted.
5)            Always be supportive of each other, be kind and remember that there are beginners here too. Admin will remove any offending posts/comments.
Please feel free to ask any questions or send a message, if you have any queries, are unsure about something or wish to alert me about someone being naughty.
Thank you for reading this post and for complying with our rules. Now, have fun and stay creative!
We look forward to seeing you around! x

Mixed Media World Facebook Page - will be closed at some point so join the GROUP to continue to be a part of our 'mixed media world'. 

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